Understanding Prejudice
Understanding Prejudice
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About the Anthology

Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination

Praise for Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination:

"Scott Plous's collection of readings is the best I've seen in more than 40 years of teaching -- a must-read book for everyone interested in the psychology of prejudice."

    -Professor Philip G. Zimbardo
     Stanford University
     Former President, American
     Psychological Association

"Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination is a tour de force -- insightful, original, and fascinating to read."

    -Professor Susan T. Fiske
     Princeton University
     Former President, Amer. Psych. Society

"Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination is both provocative and innovative. No reader will leave it without thinking more deeply about prejudice and about hopeful paths to reform."

       -Professor Joe R. Feagin
        University of Florida
        Former President, American Sociological Association

"Scott Plous has produced a unique anthology that balances the best of social science with inspirational words from individuals who have changed history. I highly recommend this collection to beginners and experts alike."

       -Mahzarin Banaji, Richard Clarke Cabot Prof. of Social Ethics
        Department of Psychology
        Harvard University

About the Book

Edited by award-winning author Scott Plous, Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination is unlike any other anthology on the topic of prejudice. With selections that range from classics by Martin Luther King, Jr., and Gordon Allport to contemporary essays by scholars such as Stephen Jay Gould, Claude Steele, and Peggy McIntosh, the anthology includes a unique collection of readings edited, adapted, or updated specifically for this anthology -- some of which have never been published before. Interdisciplinary in scope and wide-ranging in approach, the anthology combines research articles, opinion polls, legal decisions, news reports, personal narratives, and more.

About the Editor

Scott Plous, Professor of Psychology at Wesleyan University, is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and has been the recipient of several national awards, including the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize, Otto Klineberg Intercultural and International Relations Award, and William James Book Award (for The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making, published by McGraw-Hill). His research on prejudice and educational applications of the Internet is funded by the National Science Foundation and involves projects that use the Internet to reduce prejudice and enhance multiculturalism.

Purchase Information

Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination is temporarily out of print, but individual copies may still be purchased through Amazon.com. For each book sold, McGraw-Hill donated a portion of the proceeds to programs that enrich diversity in higher education. Professor Plous is hoping to publish a second edition in the future and will post information about that edition when a publication timetable has been established.


    I. Homo Stereotypus: Wired for Trouble   ..........1     II. Stigmatization   ..........63
  • No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement
      -Joseph P. Shapiro
  • In Europe, Outcry Is Loud Over a Sport Called Dwarf-Tossing
      -Paul Hemp
  • Avoidance of the Handicapped: An Attributional Ambiguity Analysis
      -Melvin L. Snyder, Robert E. Kleck, Angelo Strenta, and Steven J. Mentzer
  • Citing Intolerance, Obese People Take Steps to Press Cause
      -Carey Goldberg
  • Race and the Schooling of Black Americans
      -Claude Steele
  • The Stereotype Trap
      -Sharon Begley
    III. Racism Then   ..........111
  • The Hottentot Venus
      -Stephen Jay Gould
  • The Use of Blacks for Medical Experimentation and Demonstration in the Old South
      -Todd L. Savitt
  • Coming of Age in Mississippi
      -Anne Moody
  • The American Concentration Camps: A Cover-Up Through Euphemistic Terminology
      -Raymond Y. Okamura
    IV. Racism Now   ..........165
  • Five Myths About Immigration: The New Know-Nothingism
      -David Cole
  • Once Appalled by Race Profiling, Many Find Themselves Doing It
      -Sam Howe Verhovek
  • Race to Incarcerate
      -Marc Mauer
  • A Computer Diagnosis of Prejudice
      -Erica Goode
  • Service with a Sneer
      -Howard Kohn
  • White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
      -Peggy McIntosh
  • Reflections of Affirmative Action Goals in Psychology Admissions
      -James Amirkhan, Hector Betancourt, Sandra Graham, Steven Regeser López, and Bernard Weiner
  • Ten Myths About Affirmative Action
      -Scott Plous
    V. Sexism   ..........213
  • Listening
      -Sey Chassler
  • An Ambivalent Alliance: Hostile and Benevolent Sexism as Complementary Justifications for Gender Equality
      -Peter Glick and Susan T. Fiske
  • The Deadly Serious Game of the Beauty Pageant
      -Sandra McElwaine
  • Influence of Popular Erotica and Judgments of Strangers and Mates
      -Douglas T. Kenrick, Sara E. Gutierres, and Laurie L. Goldberg
  • Male Epithets for Ethnic Women in Historical American Slang
      -Irving Lewis Allen
  • Detecting and Labeling Prejudice: Do Female Perpetrators Go Undetected?
      -Robert S. Baron, Mary L. Burgess, and Chuan Feng Kao
    VI. Anti-Semitism   ..........273
  • The Destruction of the European Jews: Dehumanization and Concealment
      -Raul Hilberg
  • Antisemitism in America
      -Leonard Dinnerstein
  • While Six Million Died: A Chronicle of American Apathy
      -Arthur D. Morse
  • ADL 2000 Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents
      -Anti-Defamation League
    VII. Genocide in America   ..........327
  • Naming Our Destiny: Toward a Language of American Indian Liberation
      -Ward Churchill
  • Let's Spread the "Fun" Around: The Issue of Sports Team Names and Mascots
      -Ward Churchill
  • Battle Rages Over a 5-Letter Four-Letter Word
      -Eric Schmitt
  • New Prosperity Brings New Conflict to Indian Country
      -Timothy Egan
    VIII. Heterosexism   ..........375
  • Biblical Verse: Is It a Reason or an Excuse?
      -Deb Price
  • Violence Toward Homosexuals
      -Karen Franklin and Gregory M. Herek
  • Is Homophobia Associated with Homosexual Arousal?
      -Henry E. Adams, Lester W. Wright, Jr., and Bethany A. Lohr
  • Transgender Identities: Like Stars in the Sky
      -Vanessa Baird
  • Suit Over Estate Claims a Widow Is Not a Woman
      -Jodi Wilgoren
    IX. Making Connections   ..........425
  • Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life
      -Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Prejudice as a Generalized Attitude
      -Gordon W. Allport
  • Environmental Justice for All
      -Robert D. Bullard and Beverly H. Wright
    X. Reducing Prejudice   ..........463
  • Reducing the Expression of Racial Prejudice
      -Fletcher A. Blanchard, Teri Lilly, and Leigh Ann Vaughn
  • Long-Range Experimental Modification of Values, Attitudes, and Behavior
      -Milton Rokeach
  • The Role of Empathy in Improving Intergroup Relations
      -Walter G. Stephan and Krystina Finlay
  • The Challenge of Aversive Racism: Combating Pro-White Bias
      -Samuel L. Gaertner, John F. Dovidio, Brenda S. Banker, Mary C. Rust, Jason A. Nier, Gary R. Mottola, and Christine M. Ward
  • Martin Luther King Explains Nonviolent Resistance
      -Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Appendix: Animals as an Outgroup   ..........507     Glossaries   ..........557

    Source Notes   ..........563