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Understanding Prejudice
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Baseline Survey

This survey is best taken before you explore other pages of this web site or read Understanding Prejudice and Discrimination, so that you have an early "snapshot" of your thoughts.

To maintain privacy, your answers will be stored in a password protected format. If you are taking a class in which the instructor has asked you to enter a Class ID, this code will allow the instructor to view your answers. In no case will your answers be shared with others.

When taking the survey, answer as thoroughly as possible (but feel free to skip any questions you prefer not to answer). Then, after you have finished taking your course, reading about prejudice, or exploring this web site, you can return and read your answers to see how your thinking has changed. The survey usually takes about 30 minutes to complete, and your answers will be viewable for a period of one year.

To take the survey, click on "Take Survey Now" below. If you have already taken the survey and wish to view your answers, click on "View Previous Answers." And if you are an instructor, please click on "Instructor Area" to learn more about how the Baseline Survey can be used in teaching.