Understanding Prejudice
Understanding Prejudice
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Exercises and Demonstrations
Where Do You Draw the Line?

Where do you draw the line between something that's prejudiced and something that isn't? For example, is it prejudiced to prefer dating someone of the same race? Can people be "speciesist" (prejudiced toward animals), or is prejudice only possible when humans are on the receiving end?

To explore such issues, you're invited to take either or both of the interviews below. These interviews go far beyond standard web surveys by actually "listening" to your answers and responding much like a trained interviewer would.

Both interviews are hosted by eInterview.org, a Social Psychology Network partner site that looks different than this one but is run by the same staff.

Interview Choices

Diet & Lifestyle Choices Interview: This interview probes the logic behind various dietary and lifestyle choices, attitudes, and beliefs.
(Typical length: 20-30 minutes)

Race & Advertising Interview: This interview focuses on race relations, advertising, and opinions about discrimination.
(Typical length: 15-20 minutes)