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The following videos relate to anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, eugenics, and associated topics. To suggest other videos, please use our Contact Us page. [WARNING: Some videos contain scenes of graphic violence, hate speech, and highly disturbing images.]

Auschwitz Through the Lens of Nazi Officers

7:59 minutes

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

This video offers a unique look at how Nazi officers viewed Auschwitz. The documentary shows previously unreleased photos taken by the officers in which they appear carefree and unperturbed by the events around them. The disturbing implication is that people who appear ordinary are capable of committing monstrous acts.

The Lodz Ghetto: A Comparison of Nazi and Jewish Photographs

4:09 minutes

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

In this interview, the Chief Photo Archivist for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum compares two sets of photos taken of the Lodz Ghetto: one by a high-ranking Nazi official, and another taken by a Jew imprisoned in the ghetto. As the comparison shows, the very same scene often appears quite different depending on who is taking the photograph.

War on the Weak: Eugenics in America

9:59 minutes

Internet Archive

This brief documentary describes the early 20th Century eugenics movement in the United States, including its historical connection to animal breeding. Not only did the eugenics movement result in the forced sterilization of 60,000 Americans, it became a blueprint for the eugenics movement that followed in Nazi Germany.

Contemporary Anti-Semitism on Lebanese Television

1:30 minutes


In this 2018 clip from Lebanese television, a Palestinian Member of Parliament refers to Jews as apes, pigs, dogs, and donkeys, and tells fellow legislators in Gaza that Allah has gathered "those corrupters" in Palestine "to annihilate their corruption at the hands of His servants of great might." For a another reference to Jews as apes and pigs, see this 2018 excerpt from Palestine TV.

Cyber Anti-Semitism: The Democratization of Extremism

10:11 minutes

Georgetown University

In this installment of Faith Complex, David Friedman of the Anti-Defamation League discusses the growth of Internet-based anti-Semitism. According to Friedman, an unintended consequence of the Internet has been a "democratization of extremism" that is at the heart of modern anti-Semitism.

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