Understanding Prejudice
Understanding Prejudice
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Exercises and Demonstrations
Test Your Native IQ

Psychologists sometimes speak of native (inborn) intelligence, but this test is something quite different: a chance for you to test how much you know about Native American history and contemporary life.

Why are Jeep Cherokee and Red Man Chewing Tobacco popular names when Jeep Chicano and Black Man chewing tobacco would be considered offensive? Why have the "tomahawk chop" and Native American mascots often been acceptable at athletic events, when other racial caricatures, such as Little Black Sambo and the Frito Bandito, were not?

The answer, in part, is that anti-Indian prejudice does not receive as much attention as do other forms of racism. To counter this lack of attention, the following 10-item test will probe your knowledge of Native American issues. At the end, you will be able to compare your "Native IQ" with other people's scores, and you will receive a free gift as a bonus for completing the test.