Understanding Prejudice
Understanding Prejudice
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Bibliography of Children's Books

Great for gifts! This page contains links to children's books on diversity, multiculturalism, prejudice reduction, and related topics. Through a partnership agreement Amazon.com, up to 15% of online book purchases made by clicking a link below will go toward supporting this web site. For additional book suggestions, see Multicultural and Anti-Bias Books for Children.

Age appropriateness is color-coded as follows:

Purple = Baby Through Preschool
Maroon = 4-8 Years Old
Teal = 9-12 Years Old
Olive = 13 Years and Up

 Booklist by Topic:

 Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

 Talking About Color and Diversity

 Slavery and Resistance

 Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

 Jim Crow, Segregation, and Integration

 The Civil Rights Movement

 The Story of Rosa Parks

 Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Interracial Families and Friendships

 Thanksgiving and Native People of the Americas

 Immigration and Language

 The Internment of Japanese Americans

 Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

 Holidays and Religious Diversity

 Women's Equality and Equal Rights

 Challenging Gender Norms

 Families with Lesbian or Gay Members

 Physical Disabilities and Differences

 Learning Disabilities and Cognitive Special Needs

 Dealing with the Stigma of HIV/AIDS

 Other Forms of Stigma

 Speciesism and Kindness Toward Animals