Understanding Prejudice
Understanding Prejudice
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Racism Now

The following materials relate to contemporary forms of racial prejudice and discrimination. To learn more about an item or to purchase a book, please click on its title. As an Amazon Associate,, up to 15% of all book purchases made through Amazon.com (by clicking a link below and ordering the book online) will go toward supporting this web site.

 Booklist by Topic:

 General Books on Racism

 Racial Attitudes and Stereotypes

 Race and Criminal Justice



 Anti-Racism and Multiculturalism

 Race, Poverty, and Welfare

 U.S. Slavery Reparations

 Modern-Day Slavery

 Other Contemporary Issues

 Scholarly Journals:

 African and African-American Issues

 Asian and Asian-American Issues

 Hispanic/Latino Issues

 Ethnicity and Race

 Other Topics

 Magazines, E-Zines, and Newsletters:

 Race-Specific Magazines, E-Zines, and Online News

 Other Magazines, E-Zines, and Online News

 Race-Specific Newsletters

 Other Newsletters and News Services

 Other Publications:

 Special Reports on Segregation

 Special Reports on Racial Profiling

 Other Special Reports

 Bibliographies, Databases, and Compendiums

 Articles and Essays:

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