Understanding Prejudice
Understanding Prejudice
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Teacher's Corner
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Prejudice in the News


To help students see the connection between prejudice and current affairs in nearly all spheres of life.


Explain that because people think categorically, they normally treat prejudice as a separate issue from environmental protection, war and peace, the economy, and other social issues. Then tell students:

"In this assignment, your challenge is to look deeply at the connection between prejudice and current affairs.

The assignment involves two parts. First, I'd like you to get a copy of tomorrow's New York Times, USA Today, or another national newspaper (that way, everyone will cover the same news day). Second, I want you to create a table with three columns:

  1. The title of each article that appears on the front page
  2. A brief summary of what the article is about (<100 words)
  3. The connection between prejudice and the article's topic

Just bring your table and the newspaper with you next time, and we'll see how many connections you were able to find."

During the next class period, hold a discussion in which students share the connections they found to each major news item. Usually, a variety of connections will emerge for each article.


Virtually any news story is connected to prejudice in one way or another, although some are obviously connected more directly than others. If students do not see a connection between prejudice and a particular article, you might assign them the task of reflecting further and coming to class next time with additional ideas.